Ingrid Abramovitch

Ingrid and Martha in Marfa

I’m being interviewed about my book on April 3 by WYDE-FM’s House Studs in Decatur, Alabama. I’m told they plan to ask me about my book, Restoring a House in the City, and about renovating old houses but that they almost always throw in one personal question for all their guests. I thought they might ask me about my previous job working as a writer for Martha Stewart’s magazine.

Here is a special treat for the House Studs and their listeners: I dug up this photo (taken by photographer extraordinaire Todd Eberle) that shows just how hard I worked for the domestic diva. That’s Martha, not a hair out of place under her hat, exiting a helicopter in Marfa, Texas. And yeah that’s me, all 5 foot 2 inches, trailing behind Martha, sherpa-ing the very large box. I have to fess up: Martha took me on a mission to buy cowboy hats for a photo shoot for the magazine, and that’s what was in the box. So it wasn’t all that heavy. I worked a whole lot harder on my book!

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