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Exciting news for Restoring a House in the City: West Elm is going to be carrying the book. They just placed their order so the books should be arriving in stores within two weeks. I recently visited West Elm headquarters in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and had a good time meeting with their team. The creative director, Alexandra Bates, has great taste and a knack for finding the most interesting people and artists to team up with for limited collection designs. I like the way she is shaking things up, mixing vintage with new in the catalog–like in real life–something that would never have been allowed in the ancien West Elm regime. I enjoyed meeting Angel Dormer, the textiles designer. Her bio is on their website, as are some interesting city guides to US cities with West Elm stores–Philly, Portland, Chicago. I got a sneak peek of their holiday collection and was wowed by the Jean-Paul Philippe collection of table, wall and framed artwork. Looks like something you would find on the walls of the Colombe d’Or–but Jean-Paul, despite the Gallic name, is a native of Oklahoma, not the Cote d’Azur. He does a lot of work for Barneys. Check out his website:

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